Working With You Would Be Our Privilege
Do you have a Social Agenda?

As a service provider with a social agenda, your approach to business is unique. You come into the office each day knowing that your hard work is making a difference and you seek to surround yourself with others who share your passion and understand your purpose.


We are a social enterprise organisation

Cevian exists to enable social and humanitarian organisations to better engage with their stakeholders and customers. We offer you years of our experience within these sectors and have a charitable foundation to ensure we are also meeting our own social responsibilities.

Accelerate Success

We have very affordable packaged solutions to kick-start your journey.

Challenge Convention

We like to challenge conventional thinking to deliver thought leadership to you.

Knowledge and Experience

We believe that domain knowledge is more important than technical knowledge. We pride ourselves in offering you this knowledge.

Digital Platforms

We utilise market-leading digital platforms to deliver your solutions.


We have learnt our knowledge by working almost exclusively within the Not-For-Profit, Membership, and Education sectors. We understand the challenges, have solved many problems before, and have developed many solutions to common problems. Please watch our short video to learn more about who we are, why we do what we do, and how we are assisting many organisations improve understanding of their customers, communicate more effectively, as well as expand their offerings and services.


Building strong relationships with people underpins the success of every organisation in existence today. We believe we can provide you with digital platform solutions that enable you to deepen your relationships with your stakeholders, measure your organisational performance whilst remaining responsive to change.

Deepen Your Relationships

Our solutions provide you with a deep understanding of your stakeholders, the ability to visualise behaviour, as well as strengthen your relationships.

Be a Social Organisation

We can offer you digital platforms that are integrated into all major social platforms available today. Start engaging your stakeholders using these channels.

Make Informed Decisions

Take advantage of the strong analytics capabilities in our platforms to act upon intelligent and accurate information when dealing with your stakeholders.

Be Responsive and Agile

You can access your data whenever and wherever you are on all mobile devices available today to remain responsive and adaptive to your stakeholder's needs.



We have compiled a team of professionally certified professionals who share our vision and are experts at their craft. We have specialised on delivering the Salesforce and Dynamics CRM digital solutions, both the only viable market leaders in this space.

We implement Salesforce and Dynamics CRM

Online and On-Demand Market Leading Technologies

Natively Integrated into Hundreds of Applications

Continuous Free Feature Enhancements and Upgrades

Our Project Portfolio

We are proud to be serving and enabling our clients to achieve what they set out to achieve. We focus on a positive journey and intelligent solution designs throughout any of our implementations whilst maintaining affordability.